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Surf City, New Jersey

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We bought the LBI Beach Rental LbiBeachRenatlNJ in May 2000 and have strived to make it your home at the beach in Surf City Long Beach Island.  Since 2000 we have used Island Realty in Surf City to send leases and process payment for (listing#870).  In the spring of 2008 we added a VRBO page listing 182837.  Over the years we have spend a lot money and time building out our page on VRBO listing 182837.  There are some 60 recent positive reviews and we update calendar on a regular basis.

Please click on VRBO Booking 182837 to view reviews, pictures, Rates and video.

We have spent the last three years writing reviews on restaurants, bars and shops in the Long Beach Island area, has a link on our VRBO page for you to see where the action is on LBI.

​Note: users of VRBO are subjected to all Homeaway rules on booking and fees.  Site will list all rates and fees. 

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